You’re probably wondering how this all fits together.  

Let me explain…

JonnaIn redesigning my personal brand and website in general, I needed a place to encompass all of my endeavors — both in and out of the office; on and off the mat. I’ve argued for years that the lines between personal and professional are ever-intertwining in the growing social networking era and I have always embraced this. My customers are my friends and my friends are my customers.


I welcome radical authenticity and have laid out all of my projects, both personal and professional, in the pages you see here. I needed a way to organize them so I’ve broken my life (and website) into three categories:


This is my day job. And often my night job and my weekend job…and even my vacation job!


I’ve been in real estate for a decade now and need a place to direct both current and potential clients. Within this section you’ll find my professional background, advice for buyers and sellers, testimonials, and blog updates on the local market and real estate topics in general. 


“It takes a village.”
If you know me well, you’ve heard me use this quote a thousand times.


I believe the equation for manifestation is 1 + 1 = 3 and everything is a product of the community you build.  I have developed a passion for mentoring and coaching and am working to develop that skill-set via proper training and accreditation’s. I have successfully managed my real estate company’s Career Development team since 2008 and will begin offering my career building services “a la carte” and independently in 2014.

Within this section you’ll find my work as a corporate and real estate recruiter and links to tools and readings I recommend in your work towards personal and professional development, as well as a more detailed look at my one-on-one services. You’ll also find updates on my work within the community and various projects related to Squeeze.


Radical authenticity begins and ends with the continuous journey to the Self through the self.


I believe that life is less about finding yourself and more about creating and manifesting your destiny and believe I’ve found a few tools that aid me in my own work towards personal shift (growth). These at a glance can be summarized by Travel, Yoga, Music and Reading, and this is precisely what you’ll find within this section. My hobbies. Just that. Meant merely as a portal for personal expression. I wanted a space to encompass all my extra-curricular passions and here I’ve found a home for them.