Since the beginning of my career in 2003,

I have always loved working with buyers and consider First Time Home Buyers my specialty. I think most people underestimate the intricate role that an agent plays in the process of a purchase. Outside of choosing a career or life partner, buying a home is one of the biggest and most important decisions most people will make in their lifetime. And with this process comes a host of emotions, fears and uncertainties.


My job is to not only alleviate these reactions but to anticipate them long before you’ve even experienced them.  Doing this takes a wealth of experience in the field with customers and also an innate sense of empathy and intuition.

I am dedicated to first getting to know you and what you’re looking for, and then holding your hand through the entire process — and in most cases, making it really fun too.

The first step in the process is finding out what you can afford.

To do this I’ll connect you with one of my trusted Mortgage Partners and they can quickly pre-qualify you over the phone and tell you what loan amount you qualify for and then you can determine what monthly payment you can afford within that value range.  Then, we’ll discuss your varying options for down payment and the pros and cons of each loan type.

Next, we’ll discuss WHY you are looking to buy and WHAT you hope to find in your new home.

Once we’ve determined your target neighborhoods, we’ll hit the road and start previewing some homes.  Because the Internet allows us to easily weed through and whittle the options down before even getting in the car, it takes only 2-3 days of showing (10 homes on average) to find the home you’re ready to make an offer on.

I’ll guide you through the negotiation process and if it’s in conjunction with you selling your current home, I’ll make sure the transition and collaboration between the two transactions is smooth and seamless.  Upon passing inspection, appraisal and other standard contingencies – we move to closing!  Closings are generally 30-45 days in length from the time we get mutual acceptance to the day you get keys.

It’s important to note that along with my favorite mortgage lenders, I have also built an entire team of trusted business partners in Escrow, Title, Inspection Services, etc. so you can rest assured that these are relationships I’ve cultivated over a ten year career and representatives you can trust.

Because I make it a habit of making my customers friends and my friends customers… closing isn’t goodbye!  I encourage you to keep me updated on any exciting remodel projects you might do over the years and never hesitate to reach out with any random question, big or small, that you might run into.  I will also check in with you from time to time to offer you an update on the value of your home and hopefully some good news of appreciation but sometimes just to say, “Hi!”

My role as your agent is not transactional, it’s relational – I work hard to be your agent for life.  And the greatest compliment you could ever pay me is the referral of your friend or family member so please keep me in mind if anyone you know is in need of a good agent.

Not sure if you’re ready to buy right away but just have some questions?

Contact me today and we can schedule some time to meet over coffee or just over the phone to discuss what the market is doing right now, what effect this market has on your situation personally, and any next steps I can recommend.


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