There are generally four reasons someone decides to become a Realtor:


Unlimited Income Potential


Freedom of Time and Schedule


Investment Opportunities


Intrinsic Value of Helping People

Real Estate is a career that will surprise you. If you work hard and utilize the tools and training provided to you, it is possible to double and even triple your income your first year in the business. You will have the freedom (and with that the responsibility) of managing your own business. You will also have your finger on the pulse of the market and an industry that has direct implications on the global economy and politics as a whole. Your job is important; not just to the world but to your customer. You are connecting with a person or family during the largest and most important investment and decision process of their lives.


If you can facilitate this process successfully and professionally, and perhaps even make it a little fun, your customers will be your clients for life and biggest supporters as your career grows.


Windermere Professional Development has some exciting things in store for 2015 and we are ramping up for a powerful real estate season and as Director of Career Development, it’s my job to connect new agents with the tools and systems for the fastest path to success.

Is NOW the right time to start selling Real Estate?  Rates are at all-time lows, a low inventory is increasing Buyer’s demand and we need Listings more than ever this year!  I invite you to navigate this site for all your questions regarding a career in real estate and I hope you’ll reach out to learn more about our exciting training tools.

What does Windermere Professional Development offer?

  • Live Classes (both pre-license training and post-license training)
  • Free Virtual Courses
  • Self-Paced Online Courses
  • Expert Instruction
  • The very best marketing and promotional tools (National TV and Radio Advertising, Internet Banners, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Mobile App, Email Campaigns, and an abundance of custom personal marketing materials)
  • Awards and recognition in-office, regionally and at our annual International Awards
  • Convention and Top Agent Retreat
  • A household brand recognized world-wide (8,000 offices with over 121,000 agents living in 72 countries)
  • Business Benefits (our agents get discounts with DELL, Staples, Lowe’s, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, UPS, etc)

What are the steps to getting licensed?

Step 1

Complete Your State Approved Pre-License Course. (Live or Online)
  • Instructor Access, Cram Sessions and Mock Exam Included.

Step 2

Pass the WA State Real Estate EXAM
  • Make sure you’ve taken full advantage of all of our pre-exam prep work and when you’re ready, schedule your State License Exam at a live testing center near you.

Step 3

Activate your Real Estate License
Activation Fee Paid directly to the Department of Licensing in your state. Contact your Broker or Recruiter with questions.

Step 4

Interview with a Windermere Office.
  • Windermere has a very selective hiring process and we feel that’s what makes our brand so strong. You can be assured that you’ll not only be surrounded by the best people… But also be given the best tools and technology, and the best education.
Once hired, we offer an impressive selection of both live and online Post-License Professional Development courses that focus on sales and business skills as well as live and online Continuing Education courses.

Still not sure if you have what it takes?

Here’s an in-depth personality assessment that measures your compatibility for a career in real estate.  Its output will likely provide some valuable insight into your personal strengths and upon completing the test you will be given the opportunity to schedule an in-person or phone interview with a Managing Broker near you.

measure your compatibility for a career in real estate: take the assessment!


My Career Development Background

For the last 8 years I have worked in Career Development in a few different facets: as a Tech Recruiter for Microsoft, as the Director of Career Development at Century21 North Homes Realty and now in my current position as Director of Pre-License Education and Recruiting for Windermere Real Estate. Partnered with the elite Windermere Professional Team, my role is to facilitate an agent’s pre-license education process but also begin the conversation around where they will hang their license upon graduating and how best to launch their careers based on their personal and professional goals. I manage the pre-license education process and partner with owners and brokers across the entire Windermere brand to facilitate their recruiting needs. Our primary focus at the moment is launching a new live course in Seattle but have lots of plans for growth in 2015. Should you or anyone you know are thinking about a career in real estate but just aren’t sure where to start, I’m the perfect person to connect. I’m actively selling so I can speak to what it takes to thrive in today’s real estate market but I can also collaborate with you on the career side to assess your needs and help point you in the right direction.

“Passionate people person with a knack for assessing talent and aligning qualified candidates with their dream careers. Proven success rates and recognition for superior levels of service and inherently customer satisfaction. Experience across multiple industries and large, dynamic companies in varied, competitive markets. Excited about challenging opportunities for personal growth and development and innately driven to increase performance and production.”

While I still sell real estate full-time, my role as a real estate Recruiter has broadened my scope and enhanced my love for real estate and people in all the more. My job is to help people assess their needs and talents and then collaborate with them to best position themselves for success in their new role. Like real estate, guiding someone into a new career is often a very vulnerable and inherently wildly important period in their life.

Facilitating this process provides me with a huge sense of accomplishment and purpose. And I’ve discovered I have a unique talent for it so I feel pretty lucky to have stumbled upon my dream job – making dreams come true! Now I know that sounds cheesy but I’m only half joking!


Ready for more information about a career in real estate?

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