Your home is more than an address.

At Windermere, relationships are at the core of our value structure. At the end of the day, it’s more than houses, it’s people.


No pressure — ever. When you are ready, WE will do this together. My goal is to not only educate my customers but also to provide a FUN and EASY experience. My customers are my friends.

At Windermere, our motto is SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. And that is precisely what you’ll find in me.



Over 10 years of real estate experience

“How can that be?! She looks so young!” You say? I got licensed in my freshman year of college and never looked back. Flash forward: Yes, I have a decade of real estate expertise under my belt.

This is not my first rodeo. I believe there is an emotional science to real estate sales and I’m striving to master it. My goal is to alleviate your fears and doubts before you have them. Provide answers before you have questions. Because I know what you’re experiencing.



I’ve survived the recession

FIVE YEARS of RECESSION. I have a clear cut description of who I am, who I work with and the type of experience I create. I work hard to stay aligned to those practices. I negotiate for my customers with boldness and confidence because my customers are my friends AND clients for life. I care that you have a FUN experience and that this home be just one very important piece in the building of your dreams. I am passionate about my craft.

Forgive me for any cheesiness here but in my eyes, I am in the business of making dreams come true. Outside of finding your life partner and having a child, home ownership remains a vital part of the American Dream and I am blessed to be the facilitator of that dream.



The average age of a Realtor is 55. I am 30. I work Sundays.

(And Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays…) You get the hint? I am single and beyond dedicated to my work; and my “work” is you and the pursuit of YOUR dreams. I am better equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in TODAY’s market than most of my peers. As a Managing Broker at Windermere, I often speak on expert panels to discuss and describe my strategies and uses of cutting edge technology to create and convert. You want an agent that knows the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE of the business and I provide just that.


My Advice

Even if you haven’t made up your mind to sell — it’s still important to do your homework.

I encourage my customers to connect with me at least once a year to get a personalized market analysis on their home and its value, as well as the temperament of the surrounding market. You should always be “in the know” and my job as your agent is to continually provide you this insight so that you will know when the time is right and will make those decisions confidently. After all, this home is likely your biggest investment right? Why not stay up to date? No pressure. It’s my job.

Please call, email, text, Facebook me if you are at all interested in finding out what your home is worth and what the market is up to!

The Process

Next, if you have decided to sell, here’s a high-level timeline of what the process will look like:

    1. We meet to preview the current state of the home and current pricing based on the surrounding neighborhood comparable properties. (AKA – The “CMA”)
    2. We’ll also discuss all fees associated with the sale and what your selling proceeds will be at your desired price.
    3. I’ll map out an exciting, extensive and custom marketing plan for your home to provide the highest degree of local AND national visibility and exposure.
    4. Once we’ve landed on the perfect price position, we sign papers and order the sign to be installed.
    5. We schedule professional photography and if necessary, professional staging.
    6. Fliers are designed, printed and delivered to your home.
    7. A unique website is created just for your home!
    8. Once all the information is accurately uploaded to the NWMLS (and 800+ other national websites) – a key-box is installed and the showings begin!
    9. Within 30-60 days (or less given the market) you should receive an offer.
    10. Once we reach mutual agreement on price and terms (which I negotiate on your behalf), we wait for the buyer to conduct a formal inspection.
    11. This may result in adjustments to the price/terms but once we’ve reached mutual agreement there – we moved to “PENDING” and most of the work is left to the buyer and their lender.
    12. Upon the home successfully appraising, we head to Escrow to sign papers and await the closing date.  Note: this can all be done seamlessly in conjunction with the purchase of your new home as well.
    13. Day of Closing – the buyer’s funds are wired over to Escrow, your funds are delivered, and the Title Company changes the title records over.
    14. You move!


Sounds painless right? With the right agent, it should be. Granted, things come up. But it’s my job to foresee and react to any adversity throughout the transaction and guide you smoothly to your next home.
This is what I do.

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