I LOVE the village and community I’ve found here in Seattle.

It seems around every corner I’m met with dynamic and compassionate people that are not just willing but enthusiastic about collaborating on new and exciting projects. And that’s precisely why I needed this section.



I’ve found that connecting and interacting with my community provides a great deal of grounding and nurtures authenticity and compassion.  I’ll post things here about my work with Northwest Harvest and other organizations, as well as events that I’m participating in throughout the year.


consulting & coaching

You’ll notice that this process of cultivating personal growth and development is at the center of every aspect of my life: whether it be real estate, recruiting, business consulting, or yoga – my passion is people and my skill is collaborating with others to manifest their dreams.  That may be a dream house, job, business or pose!  I’ll dive a little deeper into the coaching and consulting end of my business and the service I provide.   I’ll also share some insight into the tools and systems that have worked well in my experience and for others.