There is an underlying current that runs through much of the what and why and how’s of my life.

I am really passionate about people and equally enamored with the art of living. Everyone’s definition of “living” is entirely unique and my focus is in no way on defining that. But rather, I want to start the conversation. I want to support others in getting to the what’s, why’s and how’s. And I believe this starts with a conversation. However, in reference to Rumi’s field, you have to start this conversation from a place of open acceptance of the other’s unique and authentic position. If you begin here, the path is just easier to navigate.


JonnaIn 2013, I decided to become a Certified Life Coach. I joke sometimes that I think I might be suffering (or better yet rejoicing!) from PRSS: Post Recession Stress Syndrome! As a Realtor that began before the infamous bubble and climbed and clawed out of the 5 year darkness (not entirely unscathed!) – I find myself on the other end of the tunnel and at the complete opposite end of the emotional, financial, and even physical end of the spectrum. Life is good.  And I’ve learned:  personal growth, in any of it’s many forms, takes traditional discipline, dedication and a plan.


Set goals, make others hold you accountable, try new and scary things, succeed, fail! Gather people around you that love and support and strengthen you on either side of that coin. This is just a babbling reflection of the steps I try to carry out every day and with those steps I’ve found some tangible tools and practices that if believed in and used, truly work.   But like Churchill said, “fail to plan and you plan to fail”.   So it starts there.

I started to realize that I had a real passion (sometimes borderline addiction) to goal setting and dream building and to honor my commitment to community I decided there may be even more room for personal growth through sharing my experiences with others. My services inherently vary and are generally customized to meet the unique needs of my clients. But if you’re looking for someone to help you make a plan to achieve a goal or just need help determining your goals period…

We should talk.

If you’ve been putting off your dreams or goals for WAY too long or honestly just need help determining what your dreams even are… let’s start there. Let’s start the conversation and lay the groundwork for a plan that could change your life.  They say, “You only live once.  But if you do it right that’s all you need.”   So why put off another day what in a year you’ll wish you’d started today?


Call, text, Facebook, email me and we’ll go from there.  Until then, look for blog posts below on tips and tricks and everything related to DREAM BUILDING!

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